Embalming Theatre – Welcome To Violence FULL ALBUM (2019 – Deathgrind)

Death/grind band from Switzerland since 1995. They have over 40 releases, including LPs, EPs, demos and splits. This is their fourth full-length album.

Self-released (digital format) on April 2019.
CD format coming soon by Bizarre Leprous Production.
Vinyl version out this summer (more info T.B.A.)

01.[00:00] Welcome To Violence
02.[01:37] Rollercoaster Decapitation
03.[02:52] Amateurrorist
04.[04:04] Too Stubborn To Die
05.[05:39] Organ-ized Disembowelment
06.[06:44] …And Antifreeze For The Dog
07.[08:26] Roommate – Full Of Hate
08.[10:33] Lucky Winner, Serial Sinner
09.[12:29] With A History Of Violence
10.[14:37] Dynamite Wedding
11.[15:33] Bockwurst Murder
12.[17:16] Rat Head In My Beer
13.[18:11] Daddy’s Little Torture Cellar
14.[19:45] Cablestrap – Firetrap
15.[20:54] Pornomatic Drive 2
16.[22:37] Dial Ass
17.[23:57] Gatorape
18.[26:56] Come To The Puppeteer

More info at:
— Embalming Theatre —
— Bizarre Leprous Production —

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