Anorectal Ulceration – Morbid Fascination When Viewing A Human Disaster FULL ALBUM (2018-Goregrind)

Old-school goregrind band from Bangalore, India since 2005. This is their awesome first full length album.

Released on March 2018 (CD format) by Bizarre Leprous Production.

01.[00:00] Mouth Slavers For Decaying Matter
02.[01:40] Aroma Of Effluent Discharge From Punctured Uterus
03.[02:59] Stomach Juices Seep Out Of Ragged Cracks
04.[04:26] Spilling Of Melting Flesh From A Decimated Face
05.[06:21] Plumbing The Effortless Defecating Rectum
06.[07:21] Ablating The Pus Infected Testicle
07.[08:34] Morbid Fascination When Viewing Human Disaster
08.[10:12] Liquid Mass Of Masticated Brains
09.[11:10] Last Days Of Ulceration
10.[11:30] Drunk On Cadavers Reek
11.[13:12] Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Successive Blowjobs
12.[14:22] Vile Maggots Swarm Within Stale Pus
13.[15:36] Gradual Decapitation By Sewer Rats
14.[17:20] Fungal Display On A Bloated Cavity
15.[18:43] Clustered Zits Explode With Cheez
16.[20:27] Engorged With Cankerous Phlegm
17.[21:47] Festering Hypogastric Slit
18.[22:01] Sickened By The Fart Of An Ulcered Rectal
19.[23:25] Spew Assault And Deep Penetrations On Open Wounds
20.[24:29] Excruciating Denervation Of The Lumbar Spine
21.[25:43] Arterial Damage By Injecting Fermented Urine
22.[26:27] Rectal Bowel Inquisition (Last Days Of Humanity cover)

More info at:
— Anorectal Ulceration —
— Bizarre Leprous Production —

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