Animals Killing People – Wizardry of Animal Shapeshifting (Official Lyric Video)

“Wizardry of Animal Shapeshifting” is the opening track of “Maleficis de Saltu (Sorcery of the Jungle)”, a brand new 8-track split from Animals Killing People and Gorepot, released by CDN Records. ORDER HERE:

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ANIMALS KILLING PEOPLE is a vision of the musical, artistic, and animal activististic direction of Wilson Rairan, who began his impressive influence within the Death Grind genre as the original drummer of Colombian Death Grind pioneers PURULENT.

Wilson Rairan has been the centerpiece of the band, contributing parts for all instruments during the composition of each release, and carefully selecting studio and session members throughout the history of the band.

For “Maleficis de Saltu”, the band featured:
Horacio “Ammo” Diaz on Guitars, Bass & Vocals
Carlos Estrada on Guitars, Bass & Backing Vocals
Wilson Rairan on Drums & Backing Vocals

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