Excavation – Rebirth of Ignominy demo FULL ALBUM (1999/2019 – Goregrind / Deathgrind)

One-man gore/death/grind band by Loïc Cellier from France that acted during late 90s. This demo tape was his project’s sole and obscure release. 20 years later, a portugese label brings this piece of filth back from the grave.

Self-released (cassette format) on June 1999.
Re-released (pro CDr format) on April 2019 by Brutal Cave Productions.

01.[00:00] The Butchery
02.[01:45] Grunts ‘n’ Roses
03.[03:07] Defecate In My Hands
04.[04:28] Fetid Crypt
05.[06:34] Lecherous Corpse Orgy
06.[08:58] Danstroy
07.[09:42] Breath My Flatulences
08.[10:59] Warduk
09.[12:28] Cannibal Holocaust
10.[13:03] Sonorinfection
11.[14:45] High Volt Age
12.[16:04] Postmortemonologue
13.[16:21] Total Grind
14.[16:27] Déterre Et Déguste
15.[18:07] Orgasm Of The Cross
16.[19:20] Putrefiction
17.[20:49] Drink My Vomit
18.[22:38] Rock ‘n’ Rot

More info at:
— Excavation —
— Brutal Cave Productions —

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