FERAL David Nilsson Interviewed April 20th on TMB MMR Int

Initially starting out as a parody act (When the band were known simply as Valmer & Hook), Swedish outfit Feral have slowly taken on a more serious tone with their eventual change of name, and soon started to shed their black/death metal sound to take on a more death ‘n’ roll influenced direction.

Feral current members:
David Nilsson/Hook – Vocals
Viktor Klingstedt /Valmer- Bass
Markus Lindahl/Big Mac- Guitar
Sebastian Lejon/Sebbe – Guitar
Roger Markström/Phycon- Drums

“Flesh for Funerals Eternal” was released in late December 30th 2018 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

“Flesh for Funerals Eternal” tracking list:

1. Vaults Of Undead Horror
2. Black Coven Secrets
3. Gathering Their Bones
4. Dormant Disease
5. Of Gods No Longer Invoked
6. Accursed
7. Horrendous Sight
8. Stygian Void
9. Buried
10. Bled Dry

If you like bands like: BLOODBATH, GATECREEPER, DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED, NIHILIST, ENTRAILS, UNLEASHED, GRAVE, AMON AMARTH, AT THE GARES, NIHILIST, ENTRAILS, and INTERMENT. Then there’s absolutely no way in all of hell that you’re not going to love Feral and go out there buy this great new album “FLESH FOR THE FUNERALS”.

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