BLOODPHEMY Olivier van der Kruif Interviewed on April 27th 2019 on TMB MMR Int.

When you talk about Netherlands metal scene you must remember that is on the Dutch soil where these great death metal band were given birth, bands like: PESTILENCE, ASPHYX, SINISTER, GOREFEST and GOD DETHRONED, bands that honor the style with their strong and brutal works, but in the mean time we must welcome in the circle of brutality, BLOODPHEMY, a quintet from Amersfoort, the Netherlands after long 19 years since the bands has been formed just released their second full-length album.

The bands original members were Wicliff Wolda on the bass with Winfred Koster on guitars, Edwin Nederkoorn on drums and Mathieu van Hamersveld on vocals.

Bloodphemy, influenced by Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent and Obituary’s grooves. The first arise of this death metal unit was in the year 2000 and was intense, but short. After two years of crushing stages in their live shows and releasing their fist album ‘Section 8’ “BLOODPHEMY” came to a full stop, but only to come back stronger and heavier than ever thirteen years later.

“BLOODPHEMY” was revived in 2015 with the line as followed:

Wicliff Wolda on Bass
Winfred Koster on guitar
Edwin Nederkoorn on drums
Arnold Oude Middendorp (ex Altar, ex Devious) on vocals
Rutger van Noordenburg (Bleeding Gods, Shinigami) on second guitar

“BLOODPHEMY” started writing songs for a new album which lead to a 2-album record deal with the Greek Sleazy Rider Records in 2016 their EP ‘Blood Will Tell’ was released, which pulled the band back in the game.

On March 30th 2017 “BLOODPHEMY” release their second album via Sleazy Rider Records but their first full-length album called ‘Bloodline’.

After the released of the “Bloodline” album you Olivier van der Kruif (ex Judgement Day, Grindpad) joined “BLOODPHEMY” to replace Arnold Oude Middendorp on vocals, but at the same time Rutger van Noordernburg left “BLOODPHEMY” to focus on the thrash/death metal band out of Utrecht “BLEEDING GODS” and bye the way they released their latest album last year ‘Dodekathlon” via Nuclear Blast Records, while Michel Allerliefsten (ex Sinister, Neoceaser) joined BLOODPEMY to replace Rutger on second guitar.

Michel Alderliefsten left in 2018, and unbelievable but the founding member Wicliff Wolda left Bloodphemy as well.

Bloodphemy are poised to unleash their upcoming album, In Cold Blood, this April 12th via Black Lion Records.

In Cold Blood tracking list:
1. Psycotic Breakdown
2. Spree Killing
3. Bloodline
4. A Barbarous Murder
5. Mental Atrophy
6. S.P.E.
7. Out Of The Box
8. Chambers Of Horrors
9. Worship Me
10.L’Uomo Delinquente

Current Bloodphemy members:
Winfred Koster – Guitars
Edwin Nederkoorn – Drums
Robin Zwiep – Bass
Michel Alderliefsten
Olivier van der Kruif – Vocals

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