Active Stenosis – Rapid Decline – Constriction Of Renal Artery FULL ALBUM (2019 – Goregrind)

Old-school goregrind band from Moscow, Russia, started as a one-man band in Thessaloniki, Greece, by Ioannis Nx5 in 2009. This is their side of the split album with Endotoxaemia (one-man Russian goregrind project).

Listen to Endotoxaemia side here:

Released on April 2019 (CD format) by Garbage Bondage Records.

01.[00:00] Subacute Rheumatic Carditis – Streptococcus Pneumoniae
02.[01:01] Rapid Decline – Constriction Of Renal Artery
03.[01:53] Aprotic Organic Solvents
04.[03:23] Peripheral Auditory Dysfunction
05.[04:27] Progressive Systemic Sclerosis – Fibroblast Activation Through Cytokine Release
06.[05:45] Plasma Volume Loss – Hypertonic Saline Resuscitation
07.[07:19] Recurrent Urinary Catheter Blockage
08.[08:23] Lucid Fairytale [Napalm Death Cover]
09.[09:23] Acute Upper Airways Inflammation – Toxic Vapours Inhalation
10.[10:24] Hypercapnia Accident
11.[11:02] Trans-hepatic Biliary Drainage – A Complication In Jaundiced Patients Pt. I
12.[11:36] Endotoxemia – Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury
13.[13:26] Total Dismemberment Of A Female Corpse [Regurgitate Cover]
14.[14:24] Flesh Feast [Regurgitate Cover]
15.[15:21] As I Slurp Your Kiwi-Flavoured Gangrene Pus
16.[16:47] Fuck This Shit

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