Crash Syndrom – Anatomical Amusements FULL EP (2018 – Goregrind / Deathgrind)

Death/gore/grind band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2004, stopped in 2006 and reactivated in 2016. This is their awesome latest EP.

Released on October 2018 (CD and cassette format) by Obliteration Records.

Digital version here:

01.[00:00] Embalmers [Ambulatory Firemen Of Decay Version]
02.[02:11] Poppy-Seed Cake (Dead Infection cover)
03.[03:34] Process Of Decay II [Gelatinous Abdominal Domains Version]
04.[08:24] Glands [Tonsils Necklace Version]
05.[09:14] In Solitude And Obedience [Thanatocosmetological Piece]
06.[09:58] Livid And Musty And Poriferous [Natural Saponification Version]

More info at:
— Crash Syndrom —
— Obliteration Records —

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