GODHEAD MACHINERY Niklas Ekwall Interviewed May 18th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Godhead Machinery is an unorthodox extreme metal constellation with the main purpose to analyze the ongoing political and religious greed and corruption that swallows all that can be eaten in this world.

Niklas Ekwall – Vocals
Robert Kail Karlsson – Guitar
Tommy Ericson – Guitar
Daniel Forsberg – Bass
Marcus Somliga Andersson – Drums

Swedish unorthodox black/death metal band Godhead Machinery is set to release their second album “Aligned to the Grid” on April 5th, 2019 by Inverse Records.

01. Tithe II
02. Alpha
03. The Existential Strive
04. Call of the Banner
05. Defiant Silence
06. Hymns of the Wicked
07. Above a Legion of Equals
08. Impassive Atrocity
09. Illusion
10. Aligned to the Grid

“Aligned to the Grid” is a much more dynamic album compared to “Ouroboros” but ,the production  sounds very professional while  the lyrics cover the corruption of both politics and religion along with some existential touches.

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