KULL Jonny Maudling Interviewed May 25th 2019 on TMB MMR Int.

Born in the shadow of the brooding Yorkshire hills, “KULL” was forged by four members of the mighty “BAL-SAGOTH” (all except for Byron), together with Dyscaphia’s guitarist and composer Tarkan (vocals in Kull). Epic symphonic black metaller “KULL” strongly follow the musical tradition already established by the Maudling brothers during their tenure in “BAL-SAGOTH”

Current “KULL” line up is:
Tarkan Alp – Vocals
Chris Maudling – Guitars
Jonny Maudling – Keyboards/synths
Alistair MacLatchy – Bass
Paul “Wak” Jackosn – Drums

Exile sees its release on May 24th on CD format under the banner of Black Lion Records.

01. Imperial Dawn
02. Set-Nakt-Heh
03. Vow of the Exiled
04. A Summoning to War (Dea Bellorum Invicta)
05. Horde’s Ride
06. An Ensign Consigned
07. Pax Imperialis
08. By Lucifer’s Crown (Lapis Exillis)
09. Of Stone and Tears
10. Aeolian Supremacy:  Wrath of the Anemoi
11. Of Setting Suns and Rising Moons

The album itself runs just short of 55 minutes, but to listen to it, you’d never know as it just seems to fly by as you get absorbed into the music, losing yourself within the expertly crafted story told within the albums 11 tracks.

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