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Album: Self-Titled
Releases: July 16, 2019
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Location: Buffalo, NY / Rochester, NY

Blood has shed for millennia to suppress the avarice apparent in our kind (Conditioned as one)
Biologically designed to eradicate oneself from this planet

Viscera pays for gold and silver
All living beings, a target for evisceration
A plague upon the earth, with only one immutable cure
Unforgiving divine intervention

An insatiable desire for what one has not claimed
Controls the populace, and compels to destroy

No end in sight, or end to this misery
We`ve set a precedent of never-ending corruption in need of immediate fucking death

We have come as eternal wardens of the realm of man
Tainted, tarnished
By the stain of revulsion

A romance of insatiable wills
Hopeful no more than it is safeguarded
A natural disharmony
Purposeless, fumbling, and convinced of love
In the skies, the cinders ever so rising
Muting hopes of heaven’s sanctuary

Nuclear annihilation won’t remove the cockroaches, they’ll only burrow deeper into their holes

They looked up to the sky and the moon wrought its glow from the sunless
Just beyond the slate horizon undertaken
At the click of a false god’s heel

We have come as eternal wardens of the realm of man
Here to reclaim the gift you`ve taken
Tarnished by the stain of revulsion
Experience the meaning of eternal torment

Slaughter your gods
Bastards of Earth
Slaughter your gods
Gluttonous pigs

Winged golden monarchs, one with the universe
A blinding spectacle of aureal mechanations
Embodying the purest forms of energy
Punishment to be served to these creatures
Pathetic, insolent children of sin
The watchers of all living beings on earth
Inherit genocide
Angelic genocide

A beautiful tragedy
Kindled by a smouldering immorality
The smoke enshrouds at the expense of all

Inpensi Omnia

Vocals – Nick King/Alex Gross
Guitar/Bass – Jon Lambert
Drums – Collin Folger
Mixed & Mastered – Doug White (Watchmen Studios) + Joe Leising (Rotten Metal Recordings)
Lyrics Written by – Alex Gross/Nick King
Instrumental Written by – Jon Lambert/Collin Folger
Album Artwork – Jesse X Owensby

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