Zatrata – split 12″ w/ How Long? (2019 – Death Metal / Crust Punk)

Crusty death metal band from Wroclaw, Poland, since 2017 featuring ex/current members of Infekcja, Stregesti, Useless, Lifefobia and Flux. This is their side off the split with How Long? (90s crustcore from Czech Republic), containing remastered versions (with re-recorded vocals) of the 4 tracks from their debut demo, plus an Amen cover.

To be released soon (12″ vinyl format) by NIC Records, Phobia Records, Ultima Ratio and How Long? Records.

01.[00:00] Wirus
02.[02:04] Ślepe Posłuszeństwo
03.[03:44] Kłamstwa
04.[04:58] Rzygając Na Księży
05.[06:50] Patriarchat (Amen cover)

Tracks 1-4 recorded @ Lokis Perfect Sound released previously on demo tape (Lärmo Records)
All vocals & Track 5 recorded, mixed and mastered @ Soundscope Recording Studio

More info at:
— Zatrata —
— Labels —

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