Bad Acid Trip – For the Weird by the Weird FULL ALBUM (1999 – Grindcore/Thrash Metal/Experimental)

Experimental grind veterans from North Hollywood, California, USA since 1989. This is the band’s crazy first album, offering a blend of grindcore, thrash metal, fastcore and punk with a slight SOAD aroma and some Queen-inspired moments!

Released in 1999 (CD format) by Serjical Strike Records and Regurgitated Semen Records.

01.[00:00] Slave Away
02.[00:54] Remember
03.[02:00] Beware Of The Little People With Terrible Visions
04.[02:17] Fascist Fuckwad
05.[03:16] Real Animals
06.[03:50] Join The Circus
07.[04:38] Kill Or Be Killed
08.[08:04] Bad Acid Trip
09.[10:22] Strange Humans
10.[11:42] Constructing Love
11.[13:23] Furious Fists Of Jackie Chan
12.[14:51] It’s A Wonderful Life
13.[15:46] When You Go Madd
14.[18:22] Plate Of Shrimp
15.[22:05] What’s Ah Matter
16.[23:30] Dig Up Your Dead

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— Bad Acid Trip —
— Serjical Strike Records —
— Regurgitated Semen Records (Rsr) —

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