Plasma – Ethical Waste FULL ALBUM (2019 – Goregrind)

Down-tuned, groovy goregrind band from Franfurt, Germany since 1995. This is their fourth full-length album.

Released on June 2019 (CD and digital format) by Rotten Roll Rex.
*CD out on 20th of June
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01.[00:00] Pitchgrinder
02.[02:02] Feasting On Freshly Fermented Female Genital
03.[03:22] Lethal Semen Injection
04.[04:34] Pusfilled V*ginalcanal
05.[07:01] Chewing On Purulent Sordes Of V*ginal Tissue
06.[09:04] Gushing Over Fresh Amputated Teats
07.[10:36] Embedded On Putrid Chunks From A Decapitated Wh*re
08.[12:04] Slime Stained Gore Miscarriage
09.[13:26] Intercourse With A Deboned Corpse
10.[15:38] Pus And Blood Was All She Got
11.[17:16] Abusing A Slimefilled Rotten Body
12.[20:05] D*ck Flapped, Head Cracked
13.[21:10] Lustfull Grinding Sorefretted D*cks
14.[22:47] Abnormal Cervix Extirpation
15.[24:50] Choking On Purulent Spunk
16.[25:52] Sailing The Seas Of Menstrual Perversitys
17.[28:55] Gagging On Dislocated Labium
18.[31:21] Snotlubed Pussy Penetrator
19.[34:12] Boltgunned To Massextinction
20.[35:32] Purulent Thyroid Consumption
21.[37:50] Exposed Penile Muscle
22.[39:14] Not Dead Yet
23.[40:22] Pulsating Blood Bladder
24.[41:26] Transmorphed Hemip*nis

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