Blunderbuss – For the Lonely Lovers and the Heavy Hearted FULL EP (2019 – Powerviolence)

Drum’n’bass powerviolence duet from Middletown, Connecticut, USA. This is the band’s debut EP.

Self-released (digital format) on March 2019.

01.[00:00] Hell is right here at home
02.[01:52] Inchworm // Alien
03.[02:11] I will die years before you even know who i am
04.[03:11] Liberty SPIKED
05.[04:35] FORCE FED
06.[05:39] I love you so much please don’t leave me
07.[06:07] Size 6 femboot leglock
08.[07:07] I’ve been counting every gravestone to ensure there will be room for yours and mine

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