Endotoxaemia – Filigree Depopulation FULL ALBUM (2019 – Goregrind)

One-man goregrind band by Vitaly (also in Sordid Clot, Digenetic Trematoda) from Bryansk, Russia since 2016. This is his side of the split album with Active Stenosis (goregrind band from Moscow).

Listen to Active Stenosis side here:

Released on April 2019 (CD format) by Garbage Bondage Records.

01.[00:00] Splattered With Your Liquid Brain Mass
02.[00:24] Pus Absorber
03.[01:00] Cerebral Spasmophilia
04.[01:49] Acute Alcoholic Polyneuropathy
05.[02:26] Blepharospasm
06.[03:12] Filigree Depopulation
07.[04:06] Postnecrotrophic Cachexy
08.[05:22] Pheochromocytic Convulsions
09.[06:08] Strangulation Furrows
10.[07:01] Personal Mojo
11.[07:51] Trocar Gouging
12.[08:55] Target Organs
13.[09:34] Cephalohaematoma
14.[10:40] Putrid Odour Choke
15.[11:22] Cut Open Cut Open Cut..
16.[11:51] Gonoblenorrhea
17.[12:55] From The Groins Of A Pained Humanity (Garbage Guts)

More info at:
— Endotoxaemia —
— Garbage Bondage Records —

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