VIELIKAN Fedor Kovalevsky Interviewd June 2nd 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Considered to be the pioneer of the Tunisian extreme metal scene, “VIELIKAN” was founded by Fedor Kovalevsky.The project started since 2002 through different names (‘Death Awakening’,‘Ethereal Travel’) then concretely took shape in 2007, focusing on the first EP ‘EmotionalVoid’. The band carried every local concert and festivals (such as the‘FMG’).

Between 2009 and 2010, the debut album “A Trapped Way For Wisdom” elaborations were established in the logical lineage of the first Ep by taking the same atmosphere through the concept-album idea, Veilikan released its first full-length album in December 2010.

The band has released the following singles:

Corpses and still no life… – 2011
Everlasting Smile – 2016
Voskresenie – 2017
The One of Many – 2017

“Back to the Black Marsh” was released on March 22 2019 Independently.

The new “VIELIKAN” album is “Back to the Black Marsh”, and that first advance song, “God(s), Love and Life“, inspired these impressions:
“Over its nine-minute duration the song ranges far and wide. It’s tumul-tuous and bursting with the sounds of agony, almost overpowering in the intensity of its bleak, mind-splintering grandeur (the vocals are themselves staggering-ly impassioned). It’s also searing and strange, with waves of twisting, swirling, and soaring melody cascading over maniacally (Mana-jacly) driven bass-and-drum rhythms.
The album is dedicated ‘In loving memory of Ludmila Kovalevskaya.

“Back to the Black” tracking list:
1- Ethereal Travel
2- Seeded Alterations of Consciousness
3- Mystticism, Thaumaturgy and Ephermeris
4- God(s), Love and Life
5- Another Speech for Those Whom Faces Are Erased
6- The Final Confrontation with the Soul Harvester in the Heart of the Black Marsh
7- I Am the Black Ocean

‘Back to the Black Marsh‘ was released on March 22. In this album, the Russian and overall Slavic folklore is constantly present with its melancholic melodies associated with the renowned eastern gypsy valse rhythmics as a main sound identity, dressing the rageful extreme metal aspect of Vielikan.

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