GRIND-O-MATIC – Welcome to Grind​-​o​-​land FULL ALBUM (2009 – Progressive Deathgrind)

Prog death/grind band from Paris, France since 2003. This is their first full length album.

Self-released (CD and digital format) on May 2009

01.[00:00] Welcome
02.[00:26] The Hurricane’s Terrific Gravity Force
03.[02:08] Caught in a Perfidious Net
04.[04:22] Girl Trouble in the Double Whirl
05.[05:55] The Incredible Yell from the Carousel
06.[07:26] The Umbrella Jump
07.[10:01] The Unfortunate Somersault Fault
08.[11:13] The Groundbreaking Looping
09.[13:14] Tragic Artistic Acrobatics
10.[15:04] Nigger Segregation vs Honky Arrogance
11.[19:01] 85-Feet Drop
12.[21:24] Bizarre Ice Cream Break
13.[23:21] Demented Breakneck Ride
14.[25:08] The Pachydermic Chair
15.[27:24] High Commotion Mountain Dive
16.[29:04] Fright at Freight Sight
17.[32:26] Freakshow

Video editing by Manu (Grind-o-Matic’s guitarist/vocalist)

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