Single: Deliverance
Released: June 26, 2019
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Michigan, USA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lowlifeslam
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lowlife_ig
Storenvy: https://www.storenvy.com/stores/1262217-lowlife

Your Grip your grip around my neck (my Neck)
Your hands like a noose stealing every fucking breath
Why have they chosen me
Falling deeper
Always weaker
Just accept it
No more joy left
This is death
Please deliver me
I am so weak
This illness it consumes me it contorts all my beliefs
It shakes my faith as it casts me away, away
I cant run from these monsters I’ve created
Vile depictions reflect my doubts regrets and fears
Falling deep into the darkest pit inside my broken mind
Hatred contempt emptiness are all i can grasp
These demons within me constantly tearing me down
Every waking moment i would rather be asleep
Deliver Me
I am so weak
Fading away I’ve become the absence of life
I am dead inside
This illness it consumes me it contorts all my beliefs
It shakes my faith as it casts me away
Sinking deeper i don’t remember what it is to feel
Is this hell on earth or my own creation
Bring me the end
Bring me the end
Deliver me from this life so numb

Produced by Sammy Morales, Additional Production by Keir Campbell
Single Art by DelirivM Design
Video done by Threshold Studios
Logo and Emblem by Glorious Gorification

Email: contact@slamworldwide.net
Website: http://www.slamworldwide.net
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/slamworldwideofficial
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/slamworldwideofficial
Instagram: http://instagram.com/slamworldwide
Twitter: https://twitter.com/slam_worldwide
Big Cartel: http://slamworldwide.bigcartel.com

“All rights reserved go to the band & label, I do not own any rights on the audio & images in this video.”

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