THIS GIFT IS A CURSE INterviewed June 29th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

“THIS GIFT IS A CURSE” were founded in Stockholm by a fateful chance meeting of vocalist Jonas A. Holmberg and drummer Johan Nordlund in late summer 2008 and The duo soon recruited guitarist Patrik Andersson and Lars Gunnarsson on bass.

The band released its debut album the self titled EP “THIS GIFT IS A CURSE” in 2010 and the debut full length album “I, Gvilt Bearer” on April 15th 2012 both via the Swedes label Discouraged Records.

The bands third album ‘All Hail The Swinelord’ was released on October 16th 2015 via Season of Mist Records.

THIS GIFT IS A CURSE will return with their deadly new album, ‘A Throne of Ash.’ That will be released on June 14th 2019 via Seans of Mist Records, The quintet unleash a destructive modern synthesis that pulls from the sub-genres of metallic extremity; the ice-cold veneer of black metal, the cacophonous thunder of noise-core, and the vicious attack of grind/crust.

‘A Throne of Ash’ Tracking-list

1. Hæma (2:38)
2. Blood Is My Harvest (4:54)
3. Thresholds (3:51)
4. Gate Dweller (4:42)
5. Monuments for Dead Gods (6:41)
6. Wolvking (4:52)
7. I am Katharsis (3:11)
8. In Your Black Halo (Mass 317) (5:49)
9. Wormwood Star (7:55)

This new monstrous black beast is a dark journey of 48 minutes and 7 seconds written in a barrage of heavy and intense riffing, ferocious blast beats, nightmarish soundscapes, ritualistic howls and occult themed vocals. Brace for impact!

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