Maggot Cave – Pub Full Of Maggots CS FULL EP (2019 – Grindcore)

Grind band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2017, featuring members of members of Michael Crafter, Crêam Söda, Thedowngoing and Offensive Behemoth. This is their second EP.

Self-released (digital format) on July 2019.
Cassette format coming soon by Stocked Records.

01.[00:00] Queen of the Cave
02.[00:52] Sack Whack Headlock
03.[01:26] Unchallenged Cave
04.[02:50] Talking Grinder
05.[03:47] Maggot Block
06.[04:18] Pokie Pig
07.[05:46] Escape From the Cave
08.[07:32] Pub Full of Maggots
09.[08:28] Nug Raider
10.[09:26] Who Cares (Agathocles cover)

More Info at:
— Maggot Cave —
— Stocked Records —

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