Storm of Sedition – Howl of Dynamite FULL ALBUM (2019 – Crust Punk / Black Metal / Death Metal)

Anarchist blackened death/crust band from Victoria, BC, Canada featuring members of Iskra and Leper, formed in 2011. This is their awesome fresh third album.

Released on June 2019 (cassette format) by Echoes from Beneath and Doomed Society.
There will also be a vinyl version (more info to be added).

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01.[00:00] Red Laughter
02.[04:35] Vanguardist Messiah
03.[08:23] Howl Of Dynamite
04.[12:32] Illegalist
05.[17:47] Eternal War
06.[23:23] Mocking the Sacred
07.[30:25] Renouncing the Cult of Humanity
08.[35:25] When the Clock Stops

“To every form of human Society that would try to impose renunciations and artificial sorrow on our anarchic and rebellious I, thirsting for free and exulting expansion, we will respond with a roaring and sacrilegious howl of dynamite.” – Novatore

More info at:
— Storm of Sediction —
— Echoes from Beneath —
— Doomed Society —

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