Bowel Leakage – Harvest Of Nauseating Remnants FULL EP (2016 / 2014 – Goregrind)

One-man goregrind band from Pinsk, Belarus, since 2013. This is his sole EP (also has 2 splits), heavily influenced by Last Days of Humanity. Guest vocals by Erwin De Groot (S.M.E.S., ex-Last Days of Humanity) on “Decomposing Fetal Chunks” and Ioannis Adamidis (Active Stenosis, Nx5) on “Harvest Of Nauseating Remnants”.

Self-released (digital format) on July 2014.
Officially released (CD format) on December 2016 by Ungodly Ruins Productions.

01.[00:00] Disseminating Facial Putridity
02.[01:18] Suppurating Congestions Of Feces
03.[01:51] Decomposing Fetal Chunks
04.[02:45] Reluctant Digestion Of Stiff Junk
05.[04:06] Sewing Up The Abdominal Rupture For The Successive Acts Of Degradation (Last Days Of Humanity cover)
06.[04:34] Harvest Of Nauseating Remnants

Re-uploaded with censored cover.

More info at:
— Bowel Leakage —
— Ungodly Ruins Productions —

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