Melancholy Pessimism – Democracy War Crusade FULL ALBUM (2019 – Technical Death Metal / Grindcore)

Czech tech death/grind band with experimental tendencies from Uherské Hradiště formed in 1992 (in hiatus from 2012 until 2017). This is their 7th full length album.

Released on June 2019 (CD format) by Bizarre Leprous Production.

01.[00:00] Humanitarian Brutality
02.[04:26] Church Revelations
03.[08:44] From Battle Screen To Battlefield
04.[13:17] Squandered Thirsty Earth
05.[17:11] Burning Symbol
06.[20:46] Democracy War Crusade
07.[26:16] We Are What We Eat
08.[31:52] Feel The Crack Of Doom
09.[35:49] Give Us Your Blood We Will Give You Freedom
10.[39:52] Gender Chaos

More info at:
— Melancholy Pessimism —
— Bizarre Leprous Production —

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