AMISSA ANIMA Tereza Terka Voglová Interviewed July 20th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Amissa Anima is a solo-outfit by one Tereza ‘Terka’ Voglová, a (young) lady from Prague, the capital of the Czech republic.

Actually the first sign of Life by Amissa Anima was a single called Euthanasia released on 6th July 2018, you on guitars and bass, Simon G. as a guest on drums.

The debut full-length album Anamnesa was released on 4th of March 2019 Independently.

1. Cancer In Mother’s Womb (intro)
2. Paranoia
3. Self destruction
4. Kill the Light
5. No Cure
6. Fading to Death
7. Apocalypse
8. Ravine (Instrumental)

If you like atmospheric black metal or depressive black metal, you will surely enjoy the newly created project from the Czech Republic – Amissa Anima. The T. V project’s mother has completely composed everything, recorded and mixed it (the recording took place in Denmark, as well as the mix), and the debut “Anamnesa”, expressing real sadness over life and its tragic scenarios.

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