Single: Harvest
Released: July 24, 2019
Genre: Deathcore / Death Metal
Location: Metro Manila, Philippines
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unhallowedprometheanmetal

A fallacy is coming for the sake of feeding
Ignorant to the of infestation of humanity
Broken, dying, sacrilegious heathen.
A malice feeding to the great almighty
Rise, my ruined vessel of the damned.
To cleanse this harvest.
Slave’s herded into flames
for the cleansing.
As the light starts fading.
Infamous God bludgeoning spewing malversion
toxicated since the dawn
of days. Species, rotting in a realm of tyrant.
A void to fill for the living.
Destined to fall.
A banished death remains in silence.
Why’d you disrupt my demise.
Choking on a benevolent bastard.
A betrayer is to be mauled
Relished desire, I offer no chastity.
Blood and gore for freedom Stand
among the vermin’s of time
Consume and conquer with a ball of fire and
bludgeoned those who fought.
No second thoughts, no mercy.
All in the name of a fucking god.
Malice, conflict, inflicting upon me.
A desire to end all suffering.
Mindless child, drifting into a cosmetic race.
Bask in thy infinity. A tyrant prevailed
on it’s atrocity. No left of an enemy.
Spit in the face on the one above all.

All songs written by Unhallowed Promethean
Mixed and Mastered By Jan Fernandes of Outworld Studios
Video filmed by John Martin Davillo

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“All rights reserved go to the band & label, I do not own any rights on the audio & images in this video.”

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