Infernal Disgust – Mass Destruction of Humanity CS FULL DEMO (2019 – Goregrind)

Goregrind band from Saint Petersburg, Russia featuring Olga (Cystoblastosis) since 2018. This demo is their second release after a 4-way split.

Released on July (cassette format) by Thoracopagus Records.

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01.[00:00] Rotting Flesh
02.[01:55] Mental Disorder
03.[02:52] Putrid Offal/Ruptured Eyes
04.[05:05] Septic Plague
05.[06:29] Stench of Putrefaction
06.[07:18] Wormed Bowels
07.[08:44] Drowning In Purulent Liquid
08.[09:41] Mass Destruction of Humanity
09.[11:03] In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions (Last Days Of Humanity cover)

More info at:
— Infernal Disgust —
— Thoracopagus Records —

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