Pizza Burrito – Human Fungus Farm to Table FULL ALBUM (2019 – Gorenoise / Slam / Goregrind)

Food obsessed, slamming brutal gore/grind/sludge/harsh/noise band from Portland, Oregon, USA stared this year. This is their absolutely sick second full-length album. Beware of long food-themed intros 🙂

Released on July 2019 (pro-CDr and digital format) by Imploding Sounds.

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01.[00:00] Human Fungus Farm to Table
02.[04:39] Crash Course in Bone Marrow Consumption
03.[08:17] AIDS Blood Sausage Party
04.[12:15] Fecal Matter at the Bottom of the Pickle Barrel
05.[17:51] Paninitory: Sandwiched Between Life and Death
06.[23:22] Unknowingly Fed Testicles
07.[28:40] All You Can Slam Buffet
08.[32:03] Like So Much Processed Meat

More info at:
— Pizza Burrito —
— Imploding Sounds —

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