INSURRECTION Pieter Oevering Interviewed August 17th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

“INSURRECTION” released their critically acclaimed 6-track debut EP ‘Catatonic’ on Big Bad Wolf Records in 2015. The release was subsequently promoted live on stage with more than 60 shows in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland. Sharing stages with metal icons such as “KING DIAMOND”, “PESTILENCE”, “DESTRUCTION”, “CRYPTOPSY”, “CRADLE of FILTH”, DARKANE”,”HYPOCRISY amongst others.

Pieter Oevering – Vocals/Bass
Marten Hutten – Guitars/Vocals
Armand Venema – Guitars
Douwe Talma – Drums

“INSURRECTION – ‘Circles Of Despair’ (2019)
01 – Enigma Machine – 4.52
02 – Non Existent Fall – 3.37
03 – Futile Existence – 2.47
04 – Comrades In White – 4.52
05 – The Deeper Depths – 5.53
06 – Origin – 4.44
07 – Dawn Of Defeat – 3.57
08 – Deity – 5.40
09 – Spiralling Down – 2.13
10 – …On Circles Of Despair – 3.50

Following up their successful debut EP, Insurrection will release their new album – entitled ‘Circles Of Despair’ – at the end of this summer. ‘Circles Of Despair’ displays a more diverse and melodic approach to their raging melodic death/thrash sound, without giving in on speed and anger at all. With furious extreme metal tracks like ‘Enigma Machine’, ’Origin’ & titletrack ‘..On Circles Of Despair’, next to epic, more mid-paced and atmospheric songs such as ‘The Deeper Depths’ and ’Spiralling Down’. ’Circles Of Despair’ includes ten tracks in total that go back to the core of what music should be all about: good songs, instead of trendy, overrated gimmicks. No fillers, only killers!

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