ALASTOR Rambeer Interviewed September 7th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

All rights reserved to Alastor.

Alastor stands for nordic independent black metal since 1996 over 20 years, becoming well known in the Austrian underground with their 3 demos, lots of gigs in Austria – there followed a short break in 2004. It was the introduction of a new era in the band’s history and so, the successor of Silva Nordica and Nobel North followed. 2012 Split with Tundra under slava satan records and 2015/2016 Waldmark was recorded and in 2017 Independently Vykleststilka, with your permission Rambeer we gonna go over covering all those years and including the bands new up coming album “Sumava”.

The bands new album “Šumava” will be released in October 2019 via the Germans Schattenpfade Records.

1 – Plateau of the past
2 – Of our Kind
3 – Variszic Ruins
4 – No mark by men prevailed
5 – Silva – The wild hunt
6 – No Mans Land
7 – There is nothing left but to mourn the fallen
8 – Askese
9 – Northern Firestorm
10-Ice and Nature

The bands is back after 3 years of deeply silence with an awesome master piece “Šumava”.

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