Mental Cruelty – “Blood Altar” (Official Music Video)

Band: Mental Cruelty
Song: Blood Altar
Album: Inferis
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Genre: Slamming Deathcore
Location: Karlsruhe, Germany

Big Cartel:

Unique Leader Records:

My deadly intelligence will turn this world upside down, and let its inhabitants suffer.
I came alive from the deepest darkest underworld, to rip your soul apart in this cruel reality
I exist beyond human understanding.
Your lives have no significance!
Now bow down in front of me, and pray in front of the altar of blood.
The hunger of rotten flesh found its eternal flame in my hands.
I am reborn in darkness!
The incarnation of the moon!
I am reborn in darkness.
I am the incarnation of the moon!
Now you enter the gates, and feel eternal hate.
You can‘t delay this day.
It will find it‘s way.
This worlds destruction lurks in the roots of this cave.
Can you see your own grave?
Who enters here abandons all hope in the inner circle of hell, where the sun is silent.
On the far side of the world, the mountain of purgatory breaks the light.
The purges of souls have begun.
I am the reincarnation of the moon.
Reborn in darkness.
Let the flames begin to shine bright high in the sky.
I am the answer of life, of life!
I am the answer.

Mental Cruelty is:
Vocals – Lucca Schmerler
Guitars – Marvin Kessler
Guitars – Dennis Passmann
Bass – Viktor Dick
Drums – Kevin Popescu

Video Credits:
Produced by Aurora Motion Pictures
Music Credits:
Produced by Sky van Hoff
Co-produced by Marco Bayati
Engineered by Marco Bayati & Sky van Hoff
Mixed & Mastered by Sky van Hoff
Vocal editing by Marco Kollenz

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