Kevin Paradis – Mithridatic – Dead Mountain of Life – Exclusive Drum Play-through

Kevin Paradis – Mithridatic – Dead Mountain of Life – Exclusive Drum Play-through.

This track from drummer Kevin Paradis comes three years after an impressive debut full-length, ‘Miserable Miracle,’ and soon followed by a full European tour with Nile and Melechesh and a year after audio and video digital live album “He Who Lies underneath,“ Mithridatic return with a grim, sick and twisted new album, again mixed and mastered by Francis Caste at Sainte Marthe studio (Sinsaneum, Arkhon Infaustus, Dehuman).

Based on books by Roger Gilbert-Lecomte, Louis-Ferdinand Celine and Charles Bukowski, “Tetanos Mystique” is a nauseating beast of infectious Blackened Death Metal that twists rusted knives deep into your soiled wounds, with a rictus sardonic and a fetish for madness, fever and disease, the absence of morals and the void you’re definitely not prepared for!

The album will be available as a 500 copy limited-edition DigiPak CD first print and Digital along with new merch.

Drumkit: Pearl Masterworks
10 x 10
12 x 12
13 x 13
14 x 14
16 x 16
24 x 18 bass drum
13 x 6.5 snare drum

Cymbals: T-Cymbals
18 and 20 Metalshop china
17 and 19 Metalshop crashes
14 Txtra hi-hat
12 Txtra mini china
Janissary stack 13
Metalshop ride 22 Giantbell
Custom 12 bell

Trick Drums USA Pro1-V double pedal

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From “Tetanos Mystique” out Sep.13, 2019 on DigiPak CD & Digital

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