Existential Dissipation – Devoured, Decayed & Displayed

Pre-order the forthcoming album “Cesspool of Remnants” right here: https://cdnrecords.com/shop/existential-dissipation-cesspool-of-remnants/

Available in 3 Bundles!
1. https://cdnrecords.com/shop/existential-dissipation-cesspool-of-remnants-bundle-1/
2. https://cdnrecords.com/shop/existential-dissipation-cesspool-of-remnants-bundle-2/
3. https://cdnrecords.com/shop/existential-dissipation-cesspool-of-remnants-bundle-3/

Originally released in May of 2017, “Devoured, Decayed & Displayed” was the world’s introduction to Existential Dissipation. Now, over two years later, ExD is ready to unleash their first full-length album, Cesspool of Remnants, on December 13th, 2019 on CDN Records.

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