MEMORIAM and DARKENED Andy Whale Interviewed Oct 5th 2019 on TMB MMR Int


Memoriam a Death/grind metal band from Birmingham UK.

The band has released so far a couple of demos and one great full length in 2017 “FOR THE FALLEN” with great tunes like: “Reduced to Zero” – “Surrounded by Death” – “Resistance”, in 2018 The band released “The Silent Vigil” and we remember songs like : “Nothing Remains” – “Bleed the Same” – “As Bridges Burn” and just a couple months ago the band has just released their 4th full-length album “Requiem For Mankind” and with a record time has produced different killer tunes like: “Shell Shock” – “Undefeated” – The Veteran” to say some.

Karl Willetts Vocals
Frank Healy Bassist
Scott Fairfax Guitars
Andy Whale Drummer

With the likes of Hempa Brynolfsson of Excruciate on guitar, Daryl Kahan of Funebrarum (Funebrom) on bass, and Andy Whale of Memoriam and ex Bolt Thrower on drums, this recently formed international death band calling themselves Darkened are something of a dream come true. But Darkened’s debut EP, also featuring Linus Nirbrant of “THIS ENDING” and “A CANOROUS QUINTET” (KENROUS) on guitar and Gord Olson on vocals.

The band has just released a debut album an 16 min EP “Into The Blackness”on August 15th 2019.

Tracking List of Into The Blackness:
1. Into the Blackness
2. The Offering
3. Darkening of My Soul
4. Unredeemed

“Darkened is a band comprised of people scattered around the globe who have been friends for some years now and they had all brought different styles within the Death-Metal genre into Darkened so you need to check this This EP “Into The Blackness” out.

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