HANGING GARDEN Toni Toivonen Interviewed October 12th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Hanging Garden (not to be confused with the American Depressive Black Metal band of the same name) is a Melodic Doom / Death Metal band from Mikkeli/Helsinki, Finland.

Current band members:
Mikko Kolari – Guitar
Jussi Hämäläinen – Guitar
Nino Hynninen – Keyboards
Toni Toivonen – Vocals
Jussi Kirves – Bass
Sami Forsstén – Drums
Riikka Hatakka – Female Vocals

HANGING GARDEN now return with their brand new album entitled ‘Into that Good Night’ (CD) on November 15, 2019 via the Germans LIFEFORCE Records

Track list “Into That Good Night”
01. Of Love and Curses
02. Fear, Longing, Hope and the Night
03. Into That Good Night
04. Rain
05. Silent Sentinels
06. Anamnesis
07. Navigator
08. Signs of Affection

The cautiously developed atmospheres are central to the group’s new album “Into That Good Night”. During the time of their existence, HANGING GARDEN, which were founded in 2004, have developed a graceful and universal sound between dark rock and doomy metal, which works through the transported moods, which often resonate subliminally.

photo taken by Tuomas Puikkonen.

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