Eschaton – “Wake of the Ophidian” (Official Video)

New England based apocalyptic death metal group ESCHATON have premiered a video for their song “Wake of the Ophidian”. The track was originally featured on the band’s independent EP and was re-worked for their newest album Death Obsession, which came out on Unique Leader earlier this year.

The album – which features drummer Darren Cesca (Deeds of Flesh, Goratory, ex-Arsis) – blends new material with revitalized tracks from their independently released EP, Wake of the Ophidian. Re-tracked guitars, new mix & master, and a few added surprises give the tracks a completely refreshed sound. It is also the first time the band has tried its hand at covers, which see ESCHATON transforming two tracks from NES game Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest into a medley of bone-crushing, nostalgic fun. The instrumental cover is arguably the heaviest rendition of 8-bit music ever made.

The band commented on the song, “Yielding savage brutality, anti-formulaic composition, shredding solos and blast beats from the pits of hell – Wake of the Ophidian is a track that represents Eschaton’s identity as a band. This was the title track from our independently released EP from our days before joining Unique Leader which we’ve refreshed for this record with a ferocious new solo. Channeling the underlying theme of the group, the lyrics tell the hard truth that death is coming for us all.”

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