NECRONOMICON Rob the Witch Interviewed October 19th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s legendary grimoire, NECRONOMICON formed in 1988 by founding guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep, northern part of Canadian province Quebec, Fjord of Saguenay (Seguney. Since then, the band has carefully released each full-length without haste, allowing it to perfect every nuance before unleashing its sonic assaults upon the masses.

The band has released 1 demo 1 Ep and 5 full album so far :
Morbid Ritual Demo in 1991
The Silver Key Ep in 1996
Pharaoh of Gods debut full length in 1999
The Sacred Medicines full length in 2003
The Return of the Witch full length in 2010
Rise oof the Elder full length in 2013
Advent of the Human God full length in 2016

UNUS” the new effort yet to be released on October 18 2019 via the French record label Season of Mist.

‘UNUS’ Tracklist
1. From Ashes into Flesh (04:23)
2. Infinitum Continuum (05:27)
3. Paradise Lost (04:55)
4. The Price of a Soul (01:56)
5. Singularis Dominus (04:50)
6. The Thousand Masks (03:20)
7. Ascending The throne of Baator (04:54)
8. Fhtagn (01:59)
9. Cursed MMXIX (04:13)
10. Vox Draconis (04:13)

“Unus” is a searing cacophony of blistering riffs, machine-like drums, and a symphonic ambience, culminating in a sound that calls to various metal icons such as DIMMU BORGIR, SEPTICFLESH, BEHEMOTH and DEICIDE. The record combines the furious elements of death metal with the orchestral prowess of black metal, creating the perfect synthesis of both genres.

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