Robin Stone – Norse – Devour the Serpents Flame – Drum Play-through

“Back in 2008 my band started work on our first album and I had two days to get all drums tracked, which I managed, only to find out they had been recorded at the wrong bitrate/speed. I was forced to do them all again in one day, watching our budget dissappear 🙁

The final album take was basically a sloppy rehearsal and I hated it! Fast forward nearly a decade and I stumbled on the guitar files in an old hard drive, so I figured I might give it another crack.”

Robin’s Endorsements:

Sonor Signature Series – Bubinga/Beech
Axis A longboards with E-kit Triggers
Rech Cymbals – Inferno Dark, Atomic and Platinum Series’
Fishsticks 5B HAMMER BLAST Drumsticks with Fishsticks Soft Sticks

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