RIMFROST Throllv Interviewed October 26 2019 on TMB MMR Int.

Emerging from the small Swedish town of Hagfors in the Summer of 2002, RIMFROST began unleashing their ferocious brand of black metal on the world. In 2005 the EP “A Journey to a Greater End” was released and met with critical acclaim. They followed this with the full length “A Frozen World Unknown” in 2006. It gained the attention of renowned label Season of Mist who released their follow up “Veraldar Nagli” in late 2009. A self-titled effort was released in 2016 by Non Serviam.

Expedition: Darkness, will be released on October 18th via the Americans of Ferocious Records.

“Rising Of A Black Dawn”
“Damned Jaws”
“Expedition: Darkness”
“Natten”“At The Blessing Of The Damned”

The true Swedish way of course.” “Expedition: Darkenss” is a horror-themed Melodic Black/Death Metal album inspired by dark tales like Stephen King’s “Storm Of The Century”, “Friday The 13th and more.

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