MYRIAD DRONE Frankie Demuru & Simon Delmastro Interviewed November 3rd 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Originally created as a solo Project in 2016, Myriad Drone is currently an emergent reality of the Melbournian cinematic Post-Rock music scene, featuring international musicians from Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

Band Members
Shamus – Guitar, Vocals
Jacob Petrossian – Guitar, Vocals
Simon Delmastro- Bass
Frankie Demuru – Drums

Melbourne cinematic post rock enigmas, Myriad Drone release their new album Arka Morgana on last October 18 2019 Independently.

‘Arka Morgana’ Tracklist:
1. Time Enough at Last
2. Vitreous
3. Arka Morgana
4. Please, stand by..
5. Atonement
6. All Roads Lead
7. Disguidance
8. Unrequited

Haunting and somehow nostalgic, Myriad Drone produce an Enigmatic form of cinematic post-rock. While the genre has become bloated and somewhat formulaic, Myriad Drone manages to avoid being part of this over-saturation through immensely compelling compositions and impeccable interpretation of melody and movement.

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