NORTHWIND WOLVES Noor interviewed November 9th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

NorthWind Wolves is an extreme metal act from Los Angeles California with a line – up consists of Noor (guitar / vocals / keyboards) , Astaroth (guitar) , William (Drums) , and Lennis (Bass).

La based Melodic Black metal kings Northwind Wolves returns with their follow up to 2017’s Dark… Cold… Grim…”Mountains and Darkness” to be released on December 13th 2019 through BLACK LION RECORDS.

Track list Mountains and Darkness
1 Before Dawns First Light
2 Lord of Winter and Death
3 Death of the Lost World
4 Unholy Forest of Wolves – Part I5 Pale Winter-Storm Lightning
6 Ludmilla the Witch
7 Mountains and Darkness
8 A Knight Called Death
9 Unholy Forest of Wolves – Part II
10 Curse of Ages

”Mountains and Darkness” is the second studio album of LA based extreme metal band NorthWind Wolves. Mountains and Darkness is a dark journey on the first few tracks while transitioning into a melodic triumphant finale on the last few tracks, with production quality raised and song writing more focused , NorthWind wolves brings you a passage into new dark territories with ” Mountains and Darkness”.

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