BEWAILER Flammarius and Ovfrost Interviewed November 16th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Bewailer’ was officially formed in Moscow in 2018 by Flammarius and Ovfrost, although there had been quite a long way leading to it, the first drafts appeared in 2015 and varied a lot in genre, concept and structure. Later on, by the end of 2018, a decision had been made to choose doom-death with a touch of funeral doom as the main direction in music (although some black metal influences from earlier time still remained).

“Where My Demise Dwells” released on November 8 2019 via the Russians of Solitude Productions.

1 Thorngates
2 Endless Fall
3 Moonspires
4 An Old Remembrance
5 Silent Passenger
6 Nocturnal Sacrifice
7 Silver Lining

Winter days of 2018 saw the first melodies of what then became ‘Where My Demise Dwells’; in summer 2019 the recording was finished, the music and lyrics are results of inner concerns, struggles, dreams and fears of its creators, the understanding that genuine emotions, beauty, love and inspiration are combined with suffering and disillusions, “Where My Demise Dwells”, an album by the Moscow duo Bewailer, contains seven pieces for the survival of human soul within the depths of its own darkness.

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