Malignant Defecation – Defecation Propaganda FULL ALBUM (2015 – Groovy Goregrind)

Gore’n’roll (or Crick’n’Roll as they call their music) band from Bessude/Olbia, Sardinia, Italy since 2012. This is their highly enjoyable second full length album.

Released on September 2015 (CD and digital format) by Coyote Records.

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01.[00:00] Coffee Clister Defecation
02.[03:24] Shit Fighters
03.[05:39] Worm Disney Sickness
04.[09:13] Bidibibodibidet
05.[12:57] Prepare Your Anus (Assholo)
06.[16:55] Cricket Colony
07.[19:53] Habemus Pig
08.[22:15] Malignant Rave Gore
09.[23:51] Hulk Hogan Make’s Me Crazy!
10.[25:34] I Kill Everything I Fuck (GG Allin cover)
11.[28:20] Fart Sniffer Kamikatze
12.[30:45] Gore Busters
13.[33:37] Sterco (Fecal Sun Decomposition)

More info at:
— Malignant Defecation —
— Coyote Records —

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