SUR AUSTRU Tibor Kati interviewed November 23rd 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Sur Austru is a new musical concept created from the ashes of Transylvanian black metal pioneers Negura Bunget. Gathering inspiration and emotions from the aesthetics of nature, ancient lore and forgotten rituals, ’SUR AUSTRU” is proposing a timeless journey into the mystical landscapes of Transylvania.

Current band line up:
Tibor Kati – vocals/guitars/keyboards
Corodan Ovidiu – bass
Petrica Ionutescu – traditional instruments
Mihai Florea – guitar
Ionut Cadariu – flute
Nadaban Sergiu – drums

“Meteahna Timpurilor” was released via the prestigious Italian label “Avantgarde Music” on 20th September 2019.

“Meteahna Timpurilor” tracking list:
01. Dincolo De Munte
02. Puhoaielor
03. Mistuind
04. Bradul Cerbului
05. Jale
06. Dor Austru
07. In Timp Vernal
08. Jabracie

52 minutes of music delivered with skill and passion.

Meteahna Timpurilor offers the listener a multifaceted collection of songs. The style is one that merges blackened distortion with textured folk, resulting in music that should sate your desire for both, this is an album crafted from emotional responses to the current state of the natural world. Awash with rage and despair at the savaged, dying state of nature, yet also alive with a naturalist’s appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of what yet remains.

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