CRITICAL MESS Britta Görtz & Benny Komatitsch Interviewed November 30th 2019 on TMB MMR Int

Founded in February 2012, Critical Mess – Death Metal from Hanover, Germany, the band had undergone many changes in band names, line-up and writing styles. In 2016, the current line-up had established itself and quickly found its own unique sound and style.

Critical Mess current band line up:
Britta – Vocals
Elmo – Guitar
Marco – Guitar
Lommer – Bass

The bands debut Album “Human Praey” released March of 2018.

CRITICAL MESS is back with their second Full Length called “Man Made Machine Made Man” released via METALVILE on June 21st 2019.

“Man Made Machine Made Man” album tracking list:
1. Revolution 5 (4:51)
2. Echo (3:52)
3. ANDR (4:11)
4. Bias (4:25)
5. Cut the Cord (4:24)
6. Demise (4:49)
7. WOTF (3:26)
8. Generation Fork (4:26)
9. No Gods (3:44)
10. Man Made Machine Made Man (6:04)
11. Prequel (4:23)

Dedicated and ambitious death metal warriors from Hanover, Germany, CRITICAL MESS only have one goal in mind: conquering the stages across the globe and bringing extreme music to every corner of the planet. Expect to be blown away by crushing riffs, insane vocals, fierce harmonies and drum chops that will put any industrial slaughterhouse soundscape to shame.

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