Xenobiotic – “Part 1: Light That Burns The Sky” [Official Music Video]

Filmed/Directed – Joseph Varley at DarkSpiritPhotography

Engineered/Mixed – Matthew Templeman at Templeman Audio

Mastered – Simon Struthers at Forensic Audio

Artist: Xenobiotic
Track: Part 1: Light That Burns The Sky
Album: Mordrake
Album Release Date: February 21st, 2020
Label: Unique Leader Records

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A sound that resonates
Embedded deep beneath me it waits
The strangled cries that drain from me
Every ounce of strength from within

Contorted soul, casualty of inner war
The overpowering pain
A corruption on the mural of memories
Forever spiralling down

Compelling the loneliness which persuades an invitation
Of helplessness that wont be overcome
A monarch of abandonment
And the darkness that brings me calm
Is broken by a burning light

A relentless siege on my sanctuary of inner silence
The walls of my resolve barraged by fear’s artillery
I am the casualty of war waged by insanity
Where do I go, what do I do
Why is this happening to me?

And all that’s left is me
Shattered psyche and withered self
The light that pierces my eyes
Burns my flesh from the inside

A devastated, comatose psyche
A suffocating haze of atrophy

I’m blind,
I’m lost, alone
I’m blind
Broken, left to writhe in agony

Silent scream from strangled throat
Crushed by iron hands unseen
A sinful mental prison cell
A penance paid with inner pain
Counting the days to escape from this cursed light

Counting the days to escape from this cursed light

Burning my eyes from the back of my mind
Accursed light, burning the sky, leaving me broken and blind

Withering in my decay, my lifeblood drained
A catatonic neurosis, cancer of mind
Embodied by burning light

Burning the sky, burning my mind (light)
Burning the sky, burning my mind

Nestled away, I feel my sanity clinging to life
Betraying everything I’ve come to love
I never thought about the loneliness I’m feeling til now
I shall find you

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