BLEEDING UTOPIA Andreas Fluff Morén interviewed Dec 7th 2019 on TMB METAL MESSIAH RADIO INT.

The melodic death metal unit known as Bleeding Utopia came to be in early 2010 when guitarist Andreas “Fluff” Moren you rallied up a talented crew of musicians to execute the infectious intensity of their extreme sound.

Bleeding Utopia current line up is:
David Ahlen – Vocalist
Andreas ‘Fluff’ Moren – Guitar
Chris Gustavsson – Guitar
Fredrik Ridderström  – Bass
Adam Björk – Drums

The Bands 3rd full length album “Where The Light Comes To Die” was released on March 22nd 2019 via the Swedish Black Lion Records.

“Where The Light Comes To Die” tracking list: 
1. Ascendants of Hate
2. Seek Solace in Throes
3. Enhance My Wrath
4. Already Dead
5. Welcome to My Pantheon
6. Crown of Horns
7. Ruthless Torment
8. Ill and Daunting Perversions
9. Heralds of Hate and Defiance

“Where the Light Comes to Die” is BLEEDING UTOPHIA’S best release by far, a big step from their past offerings and the melodic side of death metal is perfectly blended with the brutal onslaught this time around so you need to hurry and buy this great album

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