FLESHCRAWL Oliver Grbavac interviewed Dec 28th on TMB Metal Messiah Radio Int

Germany’s FLESHCRAWL is a band that probably doesn’t need an introduction but the band was formed by Stefan Hanus and Bastian Herzog in 1987 under the name Morgöth. In 1990, after original lead vocalist Wendelin Dopfer left the band, Alex Pretzer was signed on, the band changed their name to Suffocation, and released a demo tape called Festering Flesh. After the release of their demo tape, the band was forced to change their name because the American band, Suffocation, The band was officially renamed to Fleshcrawl and then released their first 7″ EP “Lost in a Grave” in 1991 through Morbid Records.

Current band members:
Sven Groß – Vocals
Oliver Grbavac – Guitar
Slobodan Stupar – Guitar
Manuel Markowski – Bass
Bastian Herzog – Drums

“Into The Catacombs of Flesh,” was released on November 29th via the German Apostasy Records.

“Into The Catacombs of Flesh,” tracking list:
1. Into The Catacombs Of Flesh
2. Mass Obliteration
3. Ossuary Rituals
4. Funeral Storm
5. Grave Monger
6. Chained Impalement
7. Law of Retaliation
8. Obliteration Bizarre
9. Red Streams Of Sorrow
10. Of Frozen Bloody Grounds
11. Suffer The Dead
12. Among Death And Desolation

Into the Catacombs of Flesh does exactly what it needs to. Considering the twelve year draught, it’s clear they’ve lost none of their spirit or spitfire – this album packs together plenty of brutal energy, melodic solos and riffs, and no shortage of groove to give a dynamic and interesting feel.

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