MORTEMINENCE Antonin Malingre interviewed Jan 11th 2020 on TMB Metal Messiah Radio International

Founded in 2016, Morteminence was born out of the desire to produce a cold, massive and skin-deep musical hybrid, directly inspired by the initiators of Blackgaze Heretoir, Amesoeurs and Alcest to name some.

“MORTEMINENCE” was also inspired by the Japanese horror movies such as Ju-On or Kairo.

Antonin M: Vocals, Samples, Additional Guitars
Vincent H: Guitars, Synth, Drum programming
Jérémy D: Guitars
Bény B: Bass
Nicolas M: Live Drums

Tracking List:
01. Eveil
02. Fuite
03. Résignation Pt 1
04. Résignation Pt 2
05. Evaporation

This album is the gathering is part of a conceptual Morteminence diptych telling the story of a fictional character struggling through the anguish of facing the cruelty of the capitalist society, dealing with perceiving the world as it is and not as it is shown to us through the blinding and alienating spectrum of liberal ideology, grasping to the ultimate remains of illusions and ultimately sinking into depression and suicidal ideation as he/she intellectually and spiritually deconstructs him/herself.

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