VREDEHAMMER Per Valla Interviewed on TMB Metal Messiah Radio International Feb 15th 2020

All rights reserved to Vredehammer.

Vredehammer a blackened Death metal band from Nordland Norway, was originally formed as a solo project by the bands frontman Per Valla in march 2009. Valla released three EP`s from 2010 to 2013 via small underground record labels before he in 2014 finally added members to the band, got signed to a bigger label (Indie Recordings) and made Vredehammer a full touring band with the debut album”Vinteroffer”.

Vredehammer, second full-length album ”Violator” was released Mar 18 2016 via the Norwegain record label “Indie Recordings” the bands heaviest and most powerful release so far then.

Viperous, due on March 6th, 2020 via Indie Recordings.

The album tracking list:
01. Winds Of Dysphoria
02. Aggressor
03. Suffocate All Light
04. Viperous
05. Skinwalker
06. In Shadow
07. Wounds
08. Any Place But Home
09. From a Spark To A Withering Flame

An master piece where Vredehammer are crushing, they take the sheer brutality of death metal and weave it into their very own brand of Nordic extremity.

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